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Radiation Shielding

Lead-lined Doors, Lead-lined Structural Ply, Lead Glass

Radiation shielding for X-Ray rooms and similar facilities is available to order.

For quotes please send email to with details and/or plan.

Radiation Shielding

Lead lined MDF, structural ply and Plaster board are available for the following thicknesses: 

0.5mm Pb (5kg per metre) 
1.0mm Pb (10kg per meter) 
1.32mm Pb (15kg p/metre) 
1.8mm Pb (20.4kg p/metre) 
2.24mm Pb (25.4mm p/metre) 
2.65mm Pb (30.1kg p/metre) 
3.15mm Pb (35.7kg p/metre) 

Widths 300mm and 450 mm in lengths of 3 metres and 6 metres for roof flashing on heritage houses and buildings.

Suitable for X-Rays.

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