Our Responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility 

Long before environmentalists promoted recycling, the family originating this company pioneered certain types of metal recovery in Australia as early as 1920’s. Metal was recovered and refined from batteries, gas meters, solder dross and other tin and lead waste products, keeping thousands of tonnes of metal residues out of land-fill and in circulation as clean refined metal. 

Secondary metal when refined carefully, as done at Northern Smelters, can be as good, or even superior, to “new” metal. This is achieved by removing impurities – not just diluting them – before adding new metal as necessary to make to correct specification. To ensure high standards are always maintained, all metals recycled by Northern Smelters are tested by an independent NATA approved laboratory. 

Northern Smelters have been granted a licence by NSW EPA for transport of Regulated Waste and have Consignment Authorisation from Qld EPA for interstate movement of waste, in order to offer our customers an approved recycling service.


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