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Plating Anodes

Chrome-Plating Anodes

These are made from a superior alloy to that generally used by other manufacturers to give longer trouble-free service. The copper rod centred in shaft to optimum length. Anodes are available from 750 mm to 2 metres. The shape of the anode head was designed in consultation with top electroplating specialists.






Tin Electro-Plating Anodes

Tin pellets – 23 grams, suitable for use in baskets.

Tin balls – 16mm diameter for use in baskets.

Tin slab anodes (weights approximate):

40” x 6” x 1” (1016mm x 152mm x  25mm) -  27.4 kg

30” x 9” x ½” (762mm x 228mm x 25mm) – 17.5 kg

24” x 6” x 1”  (609mm x 101mm x 12.7mm) – 16.6 kg

24” x 4” x ½” (609mm x 101mm x 12.7mm) – 5.6 kg

800mm x 150mm x 25mm - 21.6 kg

Slabs in any size up to 20” x 9”  (508mm x 457mm) in thickness of ½ inch or 1 inch (12.5 mm to 25 mm).

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