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Low Melting Point & Fusible Alloys

Gammashield: Low-melting cadmium-free alloy is recommended for use in hospitals for casting of shields used in radiation therapy. Available in 25 kg boxes, in rounds of 65mm diameter, it has melting point of 96 degrees C.


Lipowitz: Also known as Woods Metal, a cadmium-containing alloy which melts at 74 degrees C – suitable for pipe-bending or fusible links - sold in rounds of 65 mm diameter and approx 250 to 300 grams each.

Model Metal, used for casting model soldiers etc., this melts at just 138 degrees C, gives good sharp detail, is not brittle, and flows freely. The low melting point prolongs the life of Prince August black rubber moulds and is made to the same formula as their Model Metal, at the request of Prince August Moulds in Ireland for their Australian customers.

Chamber Casting Alloy: This is the same as the U.S.-made alloy known as Cerrosafe. It is used to check gun chambers. Initially it expands, and then shrinks during the first 30 minutes after casting. An hour after casting it is EXACTLY the chamber size. Other uses include supporting work pieces while machining. It starts to melt at 70 degrees C and it is fully molten at 87.8°C. Can be re-melted and used repeatedly.

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